Sunday, November 11, 2012

Nice row

Took Nemo out after a full day working on the pathfinder.  I had a small test sail made with blue tarp and wanted to test out the new centerboard. But at rigging time on the beach I noticed the tape on the leach had let go so the sail was useless. So it was going to be a rowing trip.  The new 7.5' oars did a much better job than the 5' ones.  But I suspect that the oarlocks are too low on the gunwale. I will bring them up a few inches with a block.  That should prevent them popping out and a more comfortable sitting position.  The centerboard casing shows the water and with waves caused by other boats some water splashes into the boat.  This should be prevented with a cap on top of the case when the centerboard is not used.
But the row was beautiful.

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