Saturday, November 17, 2012

Real Sail pics

The previous post was on the sail.  This one is about the actual sail, the first one for Nemo, not counting the blue tarp one way short trip of a few weeks ago.  The new sail from Duckworks is absolutely awesome.  Close to the wind without a problem, converting small gusts into forward motion, easy tacking, smooth jibing, and perfectly sized.  The center points of the sail and the boat are perfect since I could not feel any pull in my helm.  She sailed straight and fast. I am still high on adrenalin from the ride. Can't wait to get back on the water. This is why I built the boat.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Sail pics

At dusk Nemo was rigged with a beautiful Dacron sail:

I think I rigged it right. Attached a pair eyes and cleats for halyard and downhaul at the mast. The sail has a row for reefing right in the middle section.  So I can take Nemo out during 20+knot winds, regular in this section of the Caribbean.
Very curious how things will go on the water this Sunday. More to follow... 

Sail is here!

The customs department has finally released the sail after two weeks of pondering whether or not to allow the importation... The dacron sail has been made perfectly by duckworks. Awesome job Sandra and Chuck! When the Pathfinder is ready the order for its sails will be coming your way. Nemo will be rigged-up tonight so pics are to follow soon...

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Nice row

Took Nemo out after a full day working on the pathfinder.  I had a small test sail made with blue tarp and wanted to test out the new centerboard. But at rigging time on the beach I noticed the tape on the leach had let go so the sail was useless. So it was going to be a rowing trip.  The new 7.5' oars did a much better job than the 5' ones.  But I suspect that the oarlocks are too low on the gunwale. I will bring them up a few inches with a block.  That should prevent them popping out and a more comfortable sitting position.  The centerboard casing shows the water and with waves caused by other boats some water splashes into the boat.  This should be prevented with a cap on top of the case when the centerboard is not used.
But the row was beautiful.