Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Just a quick update on the conversion of Nemo from motoring yacht to sailing dinghy.
My daughter and I painted the ends of the mast and sprit boom with a oil based primer. The mast did get unthickenened epoxy on the bottom section for abrasion.  The centerboard, which was partly fibered, and epoxied on the bottom 3/4 th part, which will be in the water, also was primed with oil based house paint. I am doing these experiments with paint primer and epoxy to learn what will happen in practice.  It is much cheaper and easier to use housepaints than the polyurethane paints and since the boat will be on the trailer most of its life, we can do this.
Also a mast collar was fabricated and finished and will be epoxy glued to the deck and painted with oil primer and glossy finish.
Mast step was epoxied again today and will be glue-fitted tomorrow.
Holes will be drilled in mast top and boom to hold sales and snotters tomorrow.  The wind is very low thesxe days so I will also make the gunter sail of 45sqft by Saturday.
Pics... naaaah, who wants those?

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