Friday, October 26, 2012

Sail underway

Sandra and Chuck at Duckworks strong-armed their sail-maker and made him make my 40sqft sail on the spot and ship it to me.  WOW!!!  The sail for Nemo is underway...  It should be in Aruba by next week so that I have it in my hands after another week (due to our dreadful customs processes) (which take more throughput time than making and shipping the sail to Aruba!) (oh well, what ya gonna do?).  The sail is very small so did not take much capacity and the sail-maker was idle right at my order moment, so I just got very very lucky, and thanks to Chuck and Sandra's insistence of course!
The centerboard case is being fabricated.  Glued it up yesterday together with the handlebars on the centerboard itself.  It all fits beautifully.  On top of the handle a nicely varnished cap of pine will steal the show.
Next step is to cut a hole in Nemo's bottom. That may hurt a little. I intend to protrude the case and glue it to the bottom with doublers and to the seat panel.
Not sure if more attachment points are necessary to fix the casing in the boat. I am thinking of a triangular or rounded knee flush with the seat to hold the case better in case of lateral forces.

A grounding will be bad for the boat no matter how the case is protected.  A dagger-board has that weakness. A rotating centerboard would be better of course but would also take up more boat-space  which we do not have in this small vessel. So I have to just be careful approaching the beach (like the old days with the Sunfish) and pull up the dagger-board before it is too late.

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