Monday, October 15, 2012

Gunkhole row

After working on a dolly half a day to enable easier exiting out of too narrow gate, the trailer is too wide, Nemo is not, so I have to separate the two which is a slight hassle, I can be on the water in about half an hour. The oarlocks were placed on both gunwales earlier in the day after adding small blocks below the gunwales for better backing.  Epoxy sets really quickly here. The pics will do the rest of this post:

I weighted the rough cut mast and it weights less than 10 pounds.  For a 6cm thick mast it seems OK.  Just have to keep the boat right up as much as possible to prevent a knock down.  But before the tipping point is reached around 45 degrees the gunwales will be below the waterline so we will have another issue...  Will have to test that is shallow water and see what she does.  A turtle or will she simply lay there on her side.  But before all that, the mast needs finishing, sanding mostly.  Deck hole, waterproof that with epoxy and paint (looked into leathering the mast-hole but cannot get solid brass nails.  And I am worried about nailing into the deck causing possible water intrusion. Maybe a nice wooden collar around the hole as a primary barrier for water entering the mast hole.  The mast step has been laminated and will be drilled (including water drain hole in the bottom) epoxied and fitted this week.  Rudder and leeboard will be primed and finished with oil paint.  Let's see if we can get Nemo under sail next weekend.

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