Sunday, October 21, 2012

First Sail

Could not stay landbased.  I had to take Nemo out sailing with whatever I had.  A small bluetarp square sail which I made was rigged and off we went...  Reaching, fast, approaching the mangroves quickly. Tried to tack, not enough speed for that, so I jibed, switched the leeboard, tried to tie it, lost lot of height in the process, before I reached the outer edges of the bay grabbed my oars and started rowing back. All in all about 30 minutes of action. Good thing I had practiced rowing last week. This time there was a blow against my effort but still made good headway, with sail flapping around my head.

Many lessons from this first quick sail.
  1. She sails quickly due to very little resistance
  2. The mast seems to be very good as it is.
  3. The lines used are not good because they stretched, causing the gaff boom to lower, causing the sail to lose its good form. I have to find a good line and add some cleats so there is a place to tighten the line.
  4. the center point of the sail is too far forward relative to the position of the leeboard, making it very hard to sail close to the wind and tack. 
  5. The leeboard on  rope is not handy.  I want to tack and just leave the leeboard where is. The boat does not heel so it is not necessary to change the position of the leeboard. A bracket to hold the bracket on two places, maybe such that it can be rotated backwards when needed, like when beaching.
  6. longer oars are needed, already ordered 7.5' ones, and a manner to fix them when not in use.

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