Thursday, October 11, 2012

Conversion to sailboat

After taking Nemo for some sculling sessions, which did not work out due to a to short oar, i have been busy converting Nemo to a sailboat. Putting a 2hp engine behind her was a stupid idea. I wanted to get on the water and then an engine was the fastest route. But also the noisiest. So a blue tarp sail of about 25 sqft for a sprit rig and a sportier 50sqft one for a standing lug setup. I intend to use the same sprit boom and mast for the lug rig as well. The mast is being fabricated from 3 planks and will be 9 ft long, 6 cm diameter. The sprit is 6 ft long and 4 cm thick. Testing what works and how she sails before committing to a dacron sail is the plan. A barndoor style rudder and a leeboard with 3 lbs lead built in will track her, hopefully, windward.  We are expecting very bad weather in the coming days so i may not get her on the water for trials this weekend. But i may just go anyways, just to checkout how she looks with sails.

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