Tuesday, October 23, 2012

CB slot and Sail

The necessity of a centerboard instead of a leeboard became clear on my last trip with Nemo. The hassle of switch the leeboard from one side to the other during or right after a tack or jibe causes loss of leeway and the boat is too small to juggle all the lines, centerboard and rudder helm in a small space.
So I decided to make a centerboard for the leeboard.  Simple fibered sides with spacer blocks, epoxied to the center seat's side panel, giving it stiffness.  The boat will receive a nice cut along its bottom.  strengthening the lower aft corner and the top forward sections with extra glass for any possible groundings.  The centerboard will have two strips glued at the top creating a "T" so that it can me pulled up.

The lug-sail is being ordered with Chuck at Duckworks; he is really a great help with figuring out what is best for Nemo's sail.  Right now we are looking at the following setup:

I have ordered stuff there before and really like Duckworks' collection of materials, prices and service levels. 

So for now the upgrade of Nemo to become a racing sailing dinghy is going full speed ahead. :)=)

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