Sunday, March 11, 2012

Interior epoxy coat

Entire inside hull received first full epoxy coating. Don't know how many but I guess two should suffice. Another filled epoxy coating will be added after all seats are fitted. Spent nearly 2 hours straight on this and the two deck elements. Gunwales also were coated for the first time. The underside of the gunwale needs its layer also but this will be done when bottom is up.

Stepped into the shed (without the organic air-filter on) and smelled the strong epoxy damp... better keep the filter on all the time when wet epoxy is around. That stuff is very bad smelling and the filter works very well because I do not smell one thing with it on. At least I now know to recognize it, exhale and get the h..l out from where I am, cross the wind draft.

The hull is nice looking, imho:

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