Saturday, March 10, 2012


Dry-fitted the "deck" today. Got a bigger cleat and better hatch. Starting to look real now:

Used my low angle planer a lot and used eye sight mostly. The deck sits about 4 mm higher that the gunwale level. I a thinking about planing an angle on the edges. Everything will be painted with a white paint so filler will be used to round it all out. A rounded deck is my favorite but this 2 footer is just too small to try and make something very fancy. The large cleat is meant for solid anchoring/towing and will be bolted to the deck with bolts and nuts and large washers. The two pieces of rope place holders are meant to prevent chafing as much as possible. Another smaller cleat will be placed at the stern.
All internal segments are fabricated so next is epoxying all surfaces, followed by fitting them in place.

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