Thursday, August 4, 2011

Week of sailing

My body still has the wave action in it...  a week long of wondeful sailing aound St Marin and St Barths was a long awaited awesome vacation.  The 43' Beneteau boat did it's job very well and the Moorings' staff was very nice and helpful.
But nothing got done on my boat.  The work schedule is overloaded so I doubt much will be done on it the coming week.  But I will try and get a couple of tapelengths epoxied in.
I played around with a Wagner 8' dingy in St Barths and was surprised at the stability of it.  I assume my boat will also show this stability...
Sam Devlin responded to my question regarding the gunwales not looking straight...  they should come out straight so I will go ahead and use as many clamps as I can find and get them fitted...  and do that before the turnover of the hull, so before the glassing!

Thanks for your kind supporting words Cliff!